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Although this technology promises a clean transportation style, it also has some drawbacks. One of the most significant one is cruising range, which needs to be addressed sustainably. The most eco-friendly solution is decreasing energy consumption by addressing driving behaviour. This can be achieved by taking the advantage of implementing an advancing vehicle automation technology which controls vehicles using a driver-assistance system such as Eco-Cruise Control Eco-CC.

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Variety of systems already exist in the literature and a little known advanced version Eco-Adaptive Cruise Control Eco-ACC systems are developed as well. It is already developed and tested by various researcher.

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However, the largest deal of existing studies focus on assessing the performance in terms of safety, possible contributions to the energy consumption is not taken into account. This study covers the extension of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control systems while aiming to provide an energy efficient extended control algorithm to increase the energy efficiency and battery usage for electric vehicles. An energy efficient control algorithm is aimed to be derived to decrease the consumption of the vehicle.

Cruising velocities and vehicle positions are received from the leading vehicles and accordingly traction force is adjusted to achieve efficient energy consumption. By providing vehicle to vehicle V2V communication tighter spacing gaps, lower time headway, are aimed to obtain while traffic disturbances are damped, whereas in the cases ACC applications amplify the disturbance.