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You can also craft your own shipment, with dozens of roasters to choose from, including Stumptown, Victrola, Counter Culture, Bluebeard and many more. Designed and printed in Portland, with a dash of real coffee added to the ink, the clever, pocket-sized journals let you record elements such as bitterness, acidity, body and sweetness for each cup you sip.

By Sara Kennedy.

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Freebies Get a free brewed coffee and a free original glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme locations on Sept. Courtesy of Kitchen Kapers. This is a fantastic stand alone Standard Edition that has everything you need to thoroughly enjoy playing a game. The graphics are cartoonish, but super clear and HD quality. The music is what you would expect from a haunted castle if I ever enter a haunted castle, there had better be some creepy music playing somewhere!

I was totally hooked from the beginning because they have crammed something to find or do in almost every inch of each scene, not to mention beautiful owls, birds, squirrel's and some very creepy skeleton cats and crows are everywhere! Almost every scene has a HO game and I will admit they are very easy interactive list finds but very well done. As I mentioned before, there are a ton of puzzles or mini games, some of which I haven't seen before such as matching the size of stars on the outside ring of a clock with the much smaller scaled stars on the face of the actual clock so that a beam of light shoots from each star to make a star in the middle.

The hint button will show you the scene itself and the inventory action that needs to take place. I have enjoyed the demo so much that I plan on taking advantage of today's sale. You should really consider this game, I know a lot of people will pass this one over but it worth your time to give it a try, I know you're gonna love it too, enjoy! Rated 5 out of 5 by belamba from Fantastic game I played this to the end and it took about 4 hours. Chose hard core mode, so quite a long wait for skip and hint refills.

If I'd looked at options first, I'd have noticed you can turn the sparkles off in 'other' modes also.

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This game kept me hooked from start to finish, and I was sad when it came to an end. Cute cartoony graphics, music was pleasant, level of challenge was spot on and the map was very useful and let you jump to scenes with tasks to do.

Bluebeard and His Lady By Kay Nielsen baby hat by Grant_Devereaux - CafePress

Puzzles were mainly fairly easy only skipped a few and nicely done. HOPs were well drawn, interactive, largish objects mainly and there weren't too many crammed into this game. I could play games of this calibre all day. Better than many CEs, and it ran seamlessly on my Mac. Hope there's more to come from these devs, and I shall look out for them. So many awful 'non CEs' lately, that this came as a pleasant surprise! And games were discounted today as well.

Would happily have paid full price for this one! I was hooked within minutes of starting the demo. This game for an SE was excellent. It was not hard, but just challenging enough, and you glided right through it. The HO scenes were not cluttered, but still gave you "pause" from time to time.

Just a great game from start to finish. Unique games in every scene, somewhat different from the usual. I am ready for another!

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Thanks for a great weekend while recouping from surgery! Rated 5 out of 5 by tyyllls from Exceptional Game!! This is one of those rare gems I find every now and then. It has everything I love, and a bunch of new things too. The graphics are beautiful- clear and colorful. The game play has so much variety I can't begin to describe it all now.

One of my favorites was when I was in the library and had to work among different books doing things to get items to use to help solve the problems in each book to ultimately complete the task - that to me was very challenging and fun. I love hidden objects, and this one had some very nice ones. Games within games, great mini games! To me it is not short, but when I love a game like this one, I wish it could go on and on and on. Give it a try I'm so glad I did!! When a slot is booked, what happens to the relative Google Calendar event? We've just know how they'll change color and title, but that's not all.

Let's have a closer look. The Google Calendar event for Appointment Service, right after the reservation, will encounter the following changes:. Note: If you have selected some Customer's data to appear dynamically in the booked event title, that data will be appended after a delimiter.

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Location : if the reservation form had an address field, and it was correctly filled, the event location will contain that address. This won't happen anyway, if the service has a fixed location settings, or inherited location setting. The Google Calendar event for Event Service, right after the reservation, will encounter the following changes:. Since customers will be added as guests of the event, they'll be able to see the event's description , and therefore other customers details. If you want to avoid this, just go to the "Your Google Calendar" service's settings, and set the event description to be empty.

Guests : if a customer email address is available, the customer will be added as a guest of the Google Calendar Event. Warning: the customer s won't be automatically notified of that change. You should possibly take care of that. In order to render a main frontend calendar, just use this shortcode anywhere in your page or post:.

Have you created more than one service? So using the [tb-calendar] shortcode will display all of the free slots in one calendar, all together keeping the names separated.

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Select Add calendar to open a shortcode configuraton for the main frontend calendar. Select Add reservations list to open a shortcode configurator for the frontend reservations list. But, hey No problem, including only some events in a calendar frontend instance is very simple, just add the booking IDs list not the names! For your convenience, in the services list under Services tab, you'll find the specific single service shortcodes.

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If you want to render a personal calendar for a specific coworker, you can do the same. Go to Manage coworkers tab, and grab the specific shortcode for the coworker. You can also mix multiple coworkers. Shortcodes can be mixed, so i.

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Filtering buttons for services and coworkers list will be shown by default, for the customer's convenience. If you don't want to show those buttons, you can specify that in the shortcode, using the nofilter attribute:. If you want to hide the frontend timezone selector, just use the notimezone attribute:. Possible values are at the moment "0" for the default style basic and "1" for the Elegant style.