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His passion is assisting product teams in creating products and services of value for satisfied customers and at the same time, having motivated and engaged team members. As an agile coach at Raiffeisen Bank International, he has a unique opportunity to support people and teams on their agile journey. He helps them in creating their preferred future, the vision of what they want to develop and assists them on their way of exploring which actions lead to the desired outcome. Zvonimir has more than 13 years of experience in agile delivery, improving the value delivery capabilities of organizations and teams.

His journey of becoming an agile coach has several stations where he gathered experience working as a head of software development, a release and a project manager, and a scrum master. One of the most important lessons he has learned is that great products do create autonomous teams with a shared purpose and an environment where they can express their mastery. Scrum Master sein ist nie einfach. Freude teilen: anderen helfen, Freude am Lernen und Verbessern zu finden. Arjan de Jong hat die agilen Methoden in der Niederlande kennen gelernt. Arjan versucht immer weiter dazu zu lernen, von Kunden, Kollegen und seiner Familie.

Have you faced the situation where the organizational hierarchy and agile team roles collide and there is no clarity about who is enabled to do what? You are supposed to be an autonomous team now but do not know what your decision boundaries are? This talk will show how a combination of RACI matrix and delegation poker help to continuously work on organisational clarity. An important aspect of my talk will be that this is not a one-of task, but a continuing discussion between the relevant parties always with the goal to enable better and more informed local decision making.

The part-time MBA program has helped to look from the software development process to the entire value stream of the company. In recent years, his focus has shifted to consulting and training agile methods. Change management in companies plays an essential role for the sustainable success of consulting and a great passion for the agile mindset.

It does not matter, if you work in a waterfall or agile working environment, at one point the focus of continuous improvement you do improvements, right? It needs to grow, evolve and scale with you, otherwise it will slow you down and become a bottleneck. I had the opportunity to observe and participate over three years how a company changed their test infrastructure in terms of overarching concept and underlying technology base.

Maik works as a senior test consultant, where he focuses on the agile aspects of software testing. He finished projects in the banking industry, in medical software companies and various agile adaptations. These range from Kanban implementations and conducting of Testing Dojos to the more traditional roles in test management, test infrastructure planning and tool support. As part of his passion to support the profession of testers and the craft of testing, Maik is active in many peer and community setups.

This global event is run like the Olympics and happens every two years , so far. Wir beleuchten, was wir, als Change Agents, aus der Agilisierung von Bereichen gelernt haben, mit denen wir es normalerweise nicht zu tun haben: Non-IT-Teams und Abteilungen z. HR, Finance, Sales und Marketing.

Georg ist Dipl-Ing. Durch ihre internationalen Studien im Management und Finanzbereich, sowie ihre Projekterfahrungen bei PwC, erkannte sie den Erfolg von cross-funktionalen und selbstreflektierenden Teams. How easy it is to understand the information presented on your walls? Visual management is very important to create shared understanding, provide clear and fast information, align towards the same goals and yes, tackle problems!

Because we cannot improve what we cannot see. Artur Margonari is passionate about Agile, which he applies daily in his personal life.

TeX & Friends (Planet by DANTE e.V.)

He works as Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator at Wemanity Belgium and has more than 6 years experience in practicing and helping organizations to be more Agile, to form powerful teams and to deliver great products. He is board member of the Agile Consortium Belgium, a non-profit organization that offers an independent platform where Agile knowledge is created and shared and, by learning and sharing best Agile practices, we strive to inspire our members and guide them to become more effective. On top of that, he invests his free time to organize meetups, trainings and big conferences, such as Agile Tour Brussels.

Die topsoft wartet gleich mit verschiedenen Show-Cases auf. Alle Showcases. Alle Referate im Zeitplan. Alle Workshops im Zeitplan. Alle Workshop-LeiterInnen auf einen Blick.

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Hallenplan als PDF. Das erwartet Sie Digitalisierung. Event-Infos topsoft Fachmesse. Reale Showcases machen die topsoft zum digitalen Erlebnispark. Einfach papierlos — der Umwelt zuliebe. Industrie 4. Themen-Cluster Industrie 4. Chatbots zur Steigerung der Kundenerlebnisse. Aussteller GmbH Unterfeldstrasse Seetalstrasse 2.

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Ahornweg 4. Zentrumsplatz 3. Powstancow Slaskich 7a. Riedstrasse 3. Ich stieg also ein, als es schon zuende ging.

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Three new studies have been written entirely from scratch, alongside in-depth interviews with the typography and sci-fi experts listed above. From there it will move to the major TeX distributions within a few days. This release is a maintenance release in which we fixed a number of older and newer issues.

This document can be found on the LaTeX2e news page where you will also find release information for earlier LaTeX releases. We like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who provided helpful bug reports using the issue tracker that we are now using. Writing up a good issue report including a clear MWE Minimal Working Example takes some effort, but it is also essential to help us identifying and fixing issues. Please consult this article if you intend to submit a problem.

While I have the stage I would also like to remind package developers and other interested parties to check out the rollback mechanism for packages that we introduced already with the last release. The more packages embrace this approach the better will it work for the users. For end users, the differences between these are not important: what is key is what to use.

When Knuth wrote TeX, he had one aim in mind: high-quality typesetting. He also wanted to have sources which were truly portable between different systems. At the time, there was no standard for specifying how floating point operations should be handled at the hardware level: as such, no floating point operations were system-independent.

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Knuth decided that TeX would provide no user access to anything dependent on platform-specific floating-point operations. There are two basic approaches to setting up floating point systems in TeX: either use dimensions or doing everything in integer arithmetic. Using dimensions, the input range is limited and the output has restricted accuracy.

But on the other hand, many calculations are quite short and they are fast. On the other hand, if everything is coded in integer arithmetic, the programmer can control the accuracy completely, at the cost of speed. Another key technical aspect is expandability. One other thing to consider is handling of TeX registers as numbers.

But in macro code it has to be programmed in. Doing straight-forward arithmetic is obviously easier than working out trigonometry, logarithms, etc.

What exactly you need depends on the use case, but obviously more functionality is always better. For simple work using the dimen approach is convenient and fast: it takes only a small amount of work to set up stripping off the pt part. There are lots of possible solutions on CTAN which cover some or all of the above.

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Some of these have variable or arbitrary precision, others work to a pre-determined level, and they also vary in terms of functions covered, expandability and so on.