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Bought them instead and I am happy. Came home, plugged them in and am blown away by their ….

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Found this great deal on the Shures Se on Addicted to Audio Went down to Newtown on the weekend and picked up a pair, tried a few other pairs of earphones at the store. The store rep was very …. Full credit to brendongl for the code Well reviewed headphone at a pretty good price. It has been around for a few years and it has been well recommended by the community since it came out. Amazon …. I was browsing Massdrop when I saw this deal.

Dre Pro High-Definition. Put in my order yesterday morning and received it today :D. Received in an email this morning, apply to all stock excluding Beats, Grado, Klipsch and Seinnheiser. Moving along, Shure includes an inline volume adapter that connects to end of the cable and then to whatever 3.

Notably, none of the included cables has an inline remote control or microphone for mobile devices.

Shure SE846-CL+BT1 Wireless $699.99

That is listed in the cons above, because I had to think of something to put in that space—but most of the people reading this review won't likely be buying the SE to make or receive phone calls. I wouldn't think it would be a deal-breaker for anyone serious about potentially buying this pair.


Performance On tracks with serious sub-bass content, the SE sounds like it has a built-in subwoofer—and that's because it does. That said, the lows are natural, not overblown or insanely boosted.

Shure SE - Dealmoon

What we hear is powerful, deep bass response, but living in perfect balance with the rest of the frequency range. At top, unsafe listening levels, there is zero distortion when used with a typical mobile device like an iPhone 5s, as well as with a stereo receiver approaching top volumes.

Bill Callahan's "Drover" offers a nice showcase of the SE's abilities in neutral mode, with the default ear nozzles installed. His vocals are graced with both a beautiful baritone richness and a nice, gravelly treble edge at times—all conveyed with accuracy and the utmost clarity through the SE The subwoofer lends some nice roundness to the drumming on this track, but never in a way that pits the vocals against the percussion—the stage belongs to Callahan's voice and the accompanying guitar strumming, first and foremost.

[Amazon Canada] Prime Day: Shure SE846-CL+BT1 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones $959

With the treble-boost nozzle in, we the same excellent bass presence in the drumming and vocals, but now there's more edge to Callahan's voice, the guitar strumming takes more of the spotlight, and the drum hits have a bit more spark in their attack. With the treble reduction nozzles in, the drums have less brightness in their attack, and both Callahan's vocals and the guitar strumming are toned down.

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My preference was definitely for the neutral nozzles, which seemed to bring just the right amount of brightness. On Jay-Z and Kanye West's "No Church in the Wild," the sub-bass synth hits that punctuate the drum loop are delivered with the full fury of their lowest frequencies, but not in a manner that overtakes the rest of the mix. The most powerful sound here is still the attack of the kick drum loop. Delivered through the neutral nozzle, it has plenty of edge; delivered through the treble-boosted nozzle, it slices through to the forefront of the mix, as do the vocals. SteelSeries H Wireless Headset.

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$1000 Earphones??!!! (Shure SE846) - KRYZ & SLATER

Shop Now. Make a Wish. Specifications View all. Faisal on 5 August It makes Justin bieber sounds good. Go for it Karthik singh on 16 May Really a good product it works great with my iphone 6s and also with galaxy note7Must go for design is sleekAnd sound quality is awsomeIf you can afford go for it ojas p. Flipkart is a leading destination for online shopping in India. Now, you can not only buy books online through Flipkart, but also mobile phones , laptops, computer accessories, cameras, and lot of other categories.