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Any thoughts? At first glance….

How to remove coupon printer for windows

I click what I want to print, have to submit my , get a text, plug in the code. But I hope coupons. I have been able to use this feature on my phone, a laptop, and two computers all in the same day. You did all of that using the same phone number? Phone, laptop and 2 desktop computers using the same phone number?

Jana, do you have to have a cell phone? Yes, my cell phone. I wonder if there will still be an option to use the software so everyone can still get coupons.

Coupon Printer for Windows - Add or Remove Programs Entry Information

Already happening on my deskyop. Not to mention I do not like giving out my phone number. This is not just once but over and over again I have had to do this. They text you a code that you enter into a webpage. Before this I had a lot of trouble with the software, but now everything is super-simple.

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Oh…this is like heaven for me bc I can now print from my work laptop since my personal kicked the bucket! Yes, 2 prints per phone number EVER. I think its their way of not allowing more than 2 prints per household. I have missed all the coupons for monthssssssss. What happened to just being able to print something without needing all these extra things?

Maybe that will get fixed. I will have to pay for every text message they send me. Okay……so why are we still printing the coupons? Plus if you have multiple PCs like I do you can print more coupons. I was wondering about this.

Problems Printing Coupons – Troubleshooting Guide

I know it was posted here a few weeks ago about an app to have an extra number. I do not like this at all. Only two coupons? But then, i think about when there have been high value coupons that are wiped out before i could get to a device that would print. Maybe some of us will have a chance to get those now too…. It was like this forever no???!! They asked to enter my phone number each time a clear my browser history!!

I personally like it so far. If I want to print more I print from my husbands phone. I am curious though, do you need to enter a phone number to print from a non-phone device like a laptop? If so, that seems like a flaw in the design. No, no flaw. You will have to enter the phone number and it will send verification and you put that number in. Basically your phone number is now your account number so you will only be able to print 2 coupons per number. Well I can use my brothers I guess. He only texts when he needs something. I think you need 2 separate phone when you print from 2 tablets.

Long story short every phone number is registered to a carrier.

All these hang ups at all hours, grrr….. The coupon printer software gave me a virus every single time.

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The only part that is bad is the toolbar, which isnt a virus — just a nuisance. Sorry to say but the computer guy scammed you if he charged any substantial sum of money to uninstall this.. Besides that.. Now we have to pay for text messages.. Not spend more! I too guard my number. I have had this for months. Rejected siting number already used. Will have to see if that will change in the future. It is a hassle, especially for those of us who use a pay-as-you-go plan. Let the masses be heard! Sure hope there will not come a time when companies change to Smartsource or Redplum as an alternative.

Oh Good Lord…another trumpster here talking rubbish…your leader is in the dumps…worry about him and not coupons!! This is flawed. For some reason it is never able to. Really bummed about this.

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Okay… I contacted them yesterday and received this message this morning…. Hopefully this can clarify things for all of us! You mentioned that upon submitting your mobile phone number, you received an error that your phone number could not be accepted at this time. Our new Print ID technology has basic requirements in order to work. Your mobile phone is able to send and receive text messages. Prepackaged prepaid mobile phones from third party wireless providers are not supported such as Tracfone, Net10, Consumer Cellular, or any Government issued prepaid phones.

Mobile carriers supported with Coupons. You have entered an incorrect number. Had a typo 3. Have a new mobile number using the same mobile phone. Please follow the steps in this article. According to the message Leona received, you can still install the Coupon Printer to desktop or laptop. This is what mine have on them and what will remain. I have the coupons. I have gotten asked when printing a direct link from a site. If a specific coupon you want has reached its print limit, visit our loyalty coupons page or our in-store deals page and see if a similar offer is available at your favorite store.

You can also look check back next week or choose from the other coupons we have available for you to print. Windows uninstall:. How do I clear my browser cache and cookies? If you are experiencing problems printing, viewing, or navigating our coupons, you may need to clear your browser settings.

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See these detailed instructions:. How do I change the default settings for my printer? If you need to change your printer default settings portrait vs.